Vinsanto Doc

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The MONTESCUDAIO VIN SANTO is one of the two Tuscan wines of this category that achieved the DOC certification in 1976. It is a true jewel of the Sorbaiano Estate and is produced in a small quantities. Most of all, the Sorbaiano Estate considerably lengthens the compulsory refining period of this wine putting it on the market only after five/six years of ageing in barrique.

Color: Tawny amber
Scent: Heavenly and intense fragrance. Its scent is reminiscent of dried fruits and wild flowers
Taste: Sweet and very pleasant, it levers a slightly bitterest after taste
Grapes varieties: Trebbiano 100%

Classification: Montescudaio DOC 

Year: 2019

Bottle: 0.375 Lt

Production: <1.000

Yeld: 20 Qt/ha

Food combination: Precious dessert wine, it is excellent to dip traditional dry pastry in. It should be served at 18°C or slightly cooler.

Technique: First we select in vineyard the suitable grapes for withering and then we dry them in a special room by hanging the grapes on racks for about 4-5 months. After that a soft pressing of the grapes. Then the fermentation takes place in barrels placed in special rooms characterized by a strong thermal shock. The maturity of wine takes place at least for four years, the minimum period of time to get the Montescudaio DOC.