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Our wine reserve

The new wineary. The familily’s latest pride and joy is a highly functional new wineary. The estate’s pride and joy is a newly modernized winery designed according to functional criteria.

The premises housing the vat and barriques, the storage space and bottling line have all been heavily modified, this major investment is directed towards establishing the estate at the top end of the Tuscan wine market.

All the best WInes from Sorbaiano - taste it

Our wine reserve

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  • Sorbaiano Bianco Doc

    VINTAGE: 2023

    Grapes varieties: Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Traminer

    Color: Straw yellow with greenish reflections
    Scent: Intense and fine, with fruity notes.
    Taste: Fresh and lively, dry and soft.


  • Sorbaiano Rosso Doc

    VINTAGE: 2022

    Grapes varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Color: Lively ruby-red
    Scent: Intense character
    Taste: Just enough tannin, full bodied, soft, harmonious and persistent
    Food combination: Classical wine for all meals, it should not be served at more than 18°C 


  • Rosso delle Miniere Doc

    VINTAGE: 2019

    Grapes varieties: Sangiovese, Malvasia nera, Cabernet Franc

    Color: Intense and sparkling ruby-red colour
    Scent: Fine and varied scent which is reminiscent of wild berries and spices
    Taste: Very rare taste, velvety and harmonious
    Food combination: It goes extremely well with typical Tuscan game dishes and seasoned “pecorino” cheese.

  • Pian del conte Sangiovese Doc

    VINTAGE: 2019

    Grapes varieties: Sangiovese 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%

    Color: Intense and impenetrable ruby-red color
    Scent: Fresh, elegant with rich fruit scents
    Taste: Dry, harmonious and persistent with velvety and delicate tannin
    Food combination: Wine for all meals, especially for meat and cheese

  • Vinsanto Doc

    The MONTESCUDAIO VIN SANTO is one of the two Tuscan wines of this category that achieved the DOC certification in 1976. It is a true jewel of the Sorbaiano Estate and is produced in a small quantities. Most of all, the Sorbaiano Estate considerably lengthens the compulsory refining period of this wine putting it on the market only after five/six years of ageing in barrique.

    Color: Tawny amber
    Scent: Heavenly and intense fragrance. Its scent is reminiscent of dried fruits and wild flowers
    Taste: Sweet and very pleasant, it levers a slightly bitterest after taste
    Grapes varieties: Trebbiano 100%

  • Febo Igt Merlot

    VINTAGE: 2019

    Grapes varieties: Merlot 85%, Syrah 15%
    Color: Intense ruby red color
    Scent: Intense, pleasant and balanced aroma, with sign of black cherry and toasted notes such as bitter cocoa
    Taste: Harmonic and well structured, with soft and enveloping tannin